Friday, October 8, 2010

Izzy interviews Lillian!

I am Lillian, and I am sure you have heard plenty about me. Mostly negative from Zyra and Alexia…they are kind of big on grudges.

Hi Lillian, I'm Izzy. Tamara couldn't make the interview...she' up at the moment. You know how vampires can get, a little territorial about thier friends so, I thought I'd interview you today. So, tell me about yourself.
I’m part of The Immortal Council series by Courtney Breazile. My story is told in Mating Call the fourth in the series. Available now at I am an Animal Elf and recently discovered that I am destined to be a holder, taking on my army’s emotions during battle. Not really looking forward to that.

Wow! An animal elf. That sounds exciting. What kind of abilities you do have?
I am much different than other Animal Elves. I can’t control my emotions like they can, never have been able to. It is because I’m the destined holder, however. I just wish I had known it all along. I can communicate with animals and flash myself from place to place, except when my emotions are too high and uncontrolled.

Tell me what you've been doing lately.
In Mating Call I save a werewolf, who decides he is my mate, and discover I have a daughter I never knew about. I find out there is a bitch in my colony trying to kill me and her father is after my daughter for some kind of insane plan to take over all of immortal kind. No wonder my emotions have been wild lately. It sounds pretty serious.

So, who's your author, I mean who's writing your story. They must be pretty neat.
My author’s website is and she spends a lot of time tweeting at She has many great works at both Extasy Books and Devine Destinies.

Hey, I know of her. I hear Tamara and Zyra constantly giving her advice. As an animal elf, what advice would you offer her?
If I could offer her some advice it would be: Never doubt that you deserve what you most desire.

So, are you happy with the way certain people perceive you?
I was, more than I am now. I was happy when they all thought I was a calm and in control elf. Now they see that I’m not.

Girl, I'm so sorry to hear that. I know people talked about me, too. I can only imagine what they've said about you.
They know I am different, I’m mated to a fucking werewolf! I am quickly showing all around me that I am still an elf not to be messed with, however. I have not gone soft, if nothing else I have gotten tougher through my experiences.

No. No, you haven't gone soft, trust me. So, are you a part of a clan or something?
I run an Animal Elf colony in Oregon with my brother, Lucas. Striving to keep balance in everything and peace with nature.

It was difficult expressing my feelings for Tamara, do you have the same problem?
Yes. Elves do not openly discuss such things…emotions like that are dangerous, leave you weak and open for so much danger and hurt…

Do you ever ask your significant other for advice?
I would be lost without Henry. He is bound to me in so many ways and I am to him. He would lock me away and keep me safe if he could, I won’t let him and luckily he knows it would kill me. We have reached a truce of sorts in regards to this…we will see how long it lasts.

I love making Tamara realize that I control her pleasures. What is your most favorite thing to do?
Other than have sex with my mate….Snuggle with his wolf.

There was this one time, that...oh, wait. This is your interview. Tell me the best sexual experience you’ve had.
When Henry was claiming me as mate, marking me with his scent. Mmmm….makes me hot just thinking about it, must go find him after I finish this interview.

You know I've got to ask. Have you ever lost control?
Only in private. An elf doesn’t lose control, ever!

Do you think you are a superior being?
Superior to who? Yes. Animal Elves are far superior, our control over emotion makes us that way. I am learning to accept that the others are not as far below as I once thought, but I still don’t think they have reached our level of balance yet, likely never will.

Okey doeky, than. Is there a message you want to get across in this interview?
I’m really not the bitch that Zyra thinks I am…at least I am trying not to be that bitch anymore.

*Jumps out of chair and hugs Lillian* Oh, I'm so glad we had the chance to talk.

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